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What London Escorts Want You to Know

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As you prepare for booking with an escort, many of our London escorts have gotten together and want to share a few details. It will allow you to book more accordingly and prepare for the date. The more tips you have, the easier it will be to enjoy yourself every step of the way.

Book in Advance
One of the first things you want to do is book in advance. There’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute and finding out that the girl you had your eye on is already booked. While there are almost always girls available, you probably have a preference in terms of beauty or personality.

Many of the girls are quite popular and have regular clients who book with them. This means that they may book out weeks in advance. If you want to have your choice of girls within the agency, you will want to get your booking in as soon as possible. This might mean calling and booking your time with them before you have even arrived in London. While this might seem a little too organized, it will certainly give you something to look forward to as you prepare for your trip.

Make Some Plans
While escorts enjoy some spontaneity when they are out with clients, they do want you to make some plans. This means at least having some kind of idea as to what you want or how you want to spend your time during the time you have booked. It might be as simple as knowing that you are staying in for the night and ordering room service. It might also be as intricate as having private transportation already booked that will whisk the two of you to a high-class restaurant and then give you a tour of the entire city.

Whatever it might be, have the plans decided upon by the time the girl arrives. This way, you will be able to give her a run down as to what she can expect during the time she spends with you. If you have some areas in which you need assistance filling in the time, let her know and she will make plenty of recommendations.

Our girls are easy going and have no problem staying in or going out. However, if they need to dress for a specific occasion, you will want to let the agency know when you book. This will ensure that they are prepared for whatever you have in mind.

Allow for Plenty of Time
Another important thing escorts want you to know is to allow plenty of time. They find that too many clients try to cram as much into an hour or two as possible. This makes it impossible to truly enjoy yourself. You want time to break the ice, get to know each other, and have some fun. There’s nothing worse than just getting into something and having the time run out.

If you have questions about anything, you can always feel comfortable calling and talking to the operators when you make your booking.

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